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the origin of coffee, pure and simple
  Types of Coffee

In Ethiopia, we can find all the important elements for growing coffee – favorable altitudes, ample rainfall, suitable temperatures and fertile soil. All these ideal conditions have enabled coffee to grow throughout the country. About 400,000 hectares of land in the regions west, south and east of Addis Ababa are planted with Arabica coffee only, at elevations above 3,600 feet. About 80 percent of Ethiopia’s exports are natural (sun-dried) Arabica coffees. The remainder is washed. The coffees in Ethiopia are all named after the geographic location where they grow.
Harar coffee is sun-dried and natural. Harar coffees are noted for their fruity characteristic and a creamy body. Harar coffees have a distinct note of blueberry, though many other fruity and fruit-like aromatic flavors can occur. Sun-drying brings out the coffee’s wild, unpredictable side, while delivering a decadent rich and chocolaty flavor. The berry flavor and smell stands out so much that you would forget you were drinking a cup of black coffee.

Sidama/ Sidamo
coffee is profoundly complex. Coming from a variety of different heirlooms, many farmers and pickers each with their own unique varieties, pool their coffees at a cooperative. The resulting “blend” is a unique expression of the complexity of the horticulture in the surrounding area. Sidama coffees are known for their intense fruity characteristics, while being of somewhat lighter body, while having much more clarity and brightness.
Yirgacheffe are renowned for bright citrus acidity, often with a lemony character, with excellent sweetness. The other hallmark of the coffee is a light, herbaceous quality that compliments the fruit flavors well, for a complex and flavorful coffee. Yirgacheffe often retain a high degree of acidity, with softer fruit flavors and sometimes berry characteristics that are subtle, yet complex and surprisingly smooth.

or Lekempti is a sun-dried natural bean produced in western Ethiopia. The coffee is known for its large bean size and the flavor can have a pronounced perfumy aftertaste.

Djmmah coffee (all natural) is produced in the southwestern region of Ethiopia. This area has a multitude of different indigenous varieties that can be quite variable in taste.
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